Manufacturing Business Owners Workshop


Gehman Accounting - New Holland, PA


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Workshop Postponed

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About the Workshop

The Manufacturing Business Owners Workshop is a two-day intensive training with other like-minded people to learn more about what makes our businesses profitable and how we can know if they are. Join the Gehman Business Advisors at our New Holland office to gain insights, receive guidance, and build quality relationships with others in your industry.

Who Am I?

Understanding myself, so I can lead with confidence.

Business Owner Mindset

How to think like a business owner.

Introduction to the C$ Report

Understanding my numbers/numbers made simple.

Key Concepts I - Gross Margin and COGS

Why Cost of Goods and Gross Margins are life and death to a business.

Key Concepts II - Overhead and Breakeven

Learn how to know the true overhead in your company.

Personalized Numbers Review

Look at your business' numbers with an advisor.

Increasing Profitability

Learn how to make your company more profitable.

Product Cost Analysis

Understanding a product's contribution to company profits.

Pricing Wholesale and Retail

Managing wholesale and retail sales of the same product.

Compensating and Motivating Employees

Creating job satisfaction for employees and how to set up an Incentive Pay System.

What I really like about Gehman Business Advisors is their system, their program of plugging my numbers in and understanding the concepts of my business. It really comes down to understanding your business numbers. Otherwise, it may sound like you're making a profit, and you're really not. If someone needs a business advisor, I would highly recommend Gehman Business Advisors.

Owner, Greenwood Silo

Meet the Speakers


Ken Nisly · Gehman Business Advisor

Ken Nisly lives in Due West, SC, and works for Gehman Business Advisors from his home office. Ken is certified as a Level 1 Instructor in Lead from Your Strengths and enjoys helping business owners figure out what their individual strengths are and what contribution they make to their team. Ken says many of us do not even know what our area of strengths are, so we go through life trying to improve our areas of weakness instead of taking our God-given strengths and excelling in what he created us to be.


Verlon Miller · Gehman Business Advisor

Verlon Miller works as a Business Advisor for Gehman Business Advisors from his home office in Athens, TN. He has 20+ years’ experience in retail sales and customer service and enjoys working with his clients to better understand what the numbers are telling them about their company. His goal is to assist them in achieving greater profitability with less stress as they manage their business. He believes that when companies are managed well, both the owner and employees will have much greater satisfaction in their work. In turn, this creates greater freedom for the business owners to pursue other important interests and goals in life. One of his passions is to promote good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us in this earthly life.

Learn to Lead your Business with Confidence

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