Sales Training Workshop


Gehman Accounting - New Holland, PA


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About the Workshop

The Sales Training Workshop is a one-day intensive training workshop with other like-minded people to learn more about what we can do to increase our business revenue. Join the Gehman Business Advisors at our New Holland office to gain insights, receive guidance, and build quality relationships with other sales teams and managers.

Me? A Salesman?

Are the stereotypes we hear about good salesmen true? Is it a personality you either have or you don't, or can selling be learned? We will consider what makes someone effective in sales.

Who Are My Salespeople?

Finding a sales representative can be a difficult task. Who is the right person? What skills and qualities should I be looking for? Learn how to recognize skills in an effective salesperson.

A Culture that Sells

Today's marketplace is competitive, and people have more choices than ever. What causes a customer to choose one company over another? Discover ways a good company culture can sell itself.

From Browser to Buyer

"I'm just looking." We've all said it. You've probably heard it often. So, how can we turn "browsers" into buyers? How do we turn phone calls into profitable engagements?

Learning to recognize how someone wants to buy is vital in promoting your product or service. This is a skill that most of us can learn. You are in the people business! Be a student of people and you can sell.

Meet the Speakers


Steve Miller · Gehman Business Advisor

Steve Miller is a Business Advisor for Gehman Accounting. He also owns and manages a landscaping business. Steve, along with his wife and children, lives in Harrison, Arkansas.


Ken Nisly · Gehman Business Advisor

Ken Nisly lives in Due West, SC, and works for Gehman Business Advisors from his home office. Ken is certified as a Level 1 Instructor in Lead from Your Strengths and enjoys helping business owners figure out what their individual strengths are and what contribution they make to their team. Ken says many of us do not even know what our area of strengths are, so we go through life trying to improve our areas of weakness instead of taking our God-given strengths and excelling in what he created us to be.

Learn to Lead your Business with Confidence

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